Heart to Heart


By Vicky Cook

Synchronicity –
I have always loved this word, I love it in song, in poetry, in life. I love it in action more than anything.  This morning as I stopped to get some bloodroot bread (I love those ladies, if you’ve never been you should visit their restaurant in Bridgeport) I thought it has been a long time since I have seen Lyn, I assume her schedule has shifted.  I thought I should send her a text and tell her I am thinking of her, how often do I think of people I love and not tell them.  So, I sent her a text at 10:05am that said simply, I love u.  At 10:27 I opened the SYJ newsletter and the opening sentence is “what if you said I love you to every creature you saw over the next week”.   My heart smiled and I’ll admit there were tears in my eyes (I am so soft) because of the beautiful synchronicity that always happens in this place.  It is always so much easier to see here, but it also helps focus my heart to notice it in the areas of my life where it may not be so bright.
I was then reminded of “the experience” we held a couple years ago and the day we were given the rose to give to anyone and I remember wanting to make “my” experience meaningful and carried it with me throughout the day and figured if I didn’t find anyone to give it to, I could always give it to my son, that would be meaningful and funny (I like humor).  Then I’m sitting in my car at the grocery store, rose beginning to wilt and there she was, this beautiful woman with piercing blue eyes, that carried the wisdom of a life well lived, full of love and the courage only a life well lived gives.  I walked up to this woman and handed her the flower, the corners of her mouth lifted, but it was the smile in her eyes that told me this was meant to be, this exact moment was synchronicity, the culmination of energy of her need to be recognized and honored and my being there, flower in hand, open in heart and ready to give. Her name was Dot, but she will forever be Dot-dakshana to me.  And I realized the synchronicity came because it was “our” experience, not mine alone.
There are so many experiences of synchronicity like this in my life, like when Sarah teaches a class of poses I am working on or Liz shares an insight  that deflates my current worry du jour, the phone call from a friend I can’t get off my mind.  I often wonder why I don’t open my heart more.  The rock hard evidence reveals that the rewards always tame the worrisome creatures that live in my head.  I try not to be afraid or worry, but also realize not being afraid isn’t the same as opening my heart.  Looking toward the affirmations that are prevalent in my life pierces the power of fear or doubt, it isn’t running from fear, it is moving forward in spite of it.
When I was leaving Liz’s class this morning, I saw Shari who always seems so warm and loving and I told her I feel good when I see her and gave her a hug.  On the way to the back room I hugged a few more beautiful yogis and proceeded to the office to put my mat away and had a brief but meaningful conversation with Mitchel about some fears that were subsiding, and then moved onto another beautiful conversation with Liz.
I realize as I write this that each and every time I open my heart I am in alignment with the universe, I am delivered to a space where I can recognize the synchronicity in my life, the happenings are always right on time.    So perhaps you won’t tell everyone you run into that you love them this week, but why not show them.  Smile at people not only with the corners of your mouth, but with the opening of your heart.  My experience continues to show me, you get what you give.  Here are the first lines to the Police song:
With one breath, with one flow 
You will know

Tell me it’s not!

3 Responses

  1. Liz February 16, 2012 1:09 pmReply

    Cheers to timing, Salute to synchronicity. Well said, my friend. To many more moments of, “I was just thinking of you” and “that was exactly what I needed.”

  2. Jamie C February 16, 2012 2:20 pmReply

    As long as we are quoting beautiful lyrics,
    “In a world full of people, there’s only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy ?” Seal
    Just so you know.. I smile when I see you, Vicki ! Thank you for sharing and wanting to fly…

  3. Sarah M. February 21, 2012 7:39 amReply

    Such a beautiful post Vicky. Total inspiration for my class this morning. It’s these strikes (the hatha), when things come together and make contact (the yoga) that catch our attention but only if we are paying attention do we get to benefit from so called “coincidences.” They are happening all the time which is simply motivation to stay open to the possibility of seeing them.

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