Heart to Heart

The Prettiest Mule

By Donna

The Prettiest Mule

Sometimes a mule does not know
What is best for itself.

When the mind is confused like that
It secretly desires a master
With a skilled whip

To guide it to those playgrounds
On the earth’s table
Where the Sweet One’s light has
Made life more tasty.

Hafiz always carries such a whip
But I rarely need to use it.

I prefer just turning myself into
The prettiest mule
In town

And making my tail sing
knowing your heart will then
A big Yo from Whistler B.C…. Feeling crazy with the blessings of the universe right now and truly deeply madly in love with the mountains and the snow and boundless amounts of energy my current kula is filled with. How about you all? Look at the poem I’ve just gifted you, a poem I received from my late 14th century husband Hafiz. Nothing like the silly imagination he had to inspire one to think of themselves as a pretty mule. How about it folks?

I didn’t realize how tired I had become from getting tons of emails and phone calls regarding all the poop in the yoga yard. It was definitely time to get out of the mud and forget all the BS. A little fresh air and sunshine is like a wee little slap in the face reminding me how negativity kills the spirit.

Whew am I thankful that I have done enough yoga and enough breathing and visiting my lovely inner world that no journalist’s opinion of yoga or yoga ‘celebrity’s fall from grace’ (insert are you friggin’ kidding me here) could impact the way I feel when stepping on the mat or when I have the great honor of teaching our fantastic yoga to our exuberant community of spirit junkies.
Here is my mantra for the week:

Fall in love with the boon of your wild life… look inside… listen to your own heart…speak kindly rather than criticize everything you see and start living the life you desire. Hopefully then your tail will start to sing and then maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who will have a trail of hearts following you. Imagine the company you would keep then, a bunch of pretty mules wagging tails and playing together on the earth’s table where life is definitely more tasty. No more nay saying, no more ridicule, no more blaming, forget your whips I’d rather be brushed by your singing tail any day of the week.

Off to wag my tail on the slopes (Taylor I think you know what I mean) and hopefully a bunch of big hearted mules will follow me down or carry me down should I fall…

6 Responses

  1. Vicky February 23, 2012 10:55 amReply

    shake it!

  2. Liz February 23, 2012 11:43 amReply

    Damn, I miss you

  3. Michline February 23, 2012 1:16 pmReply

    Miss you Donna! Enjoy your trip. XO

  4. Toni February 23, 2012 2:15 pmReply

    I’ve printed this out an put it on my wall so I can wag my tail all day long! Have a terrific trip!

  5. Vanessa February 23, 2012 3:44 pmReply

    Sending you a big toothy loving smile. And we love our subs here in the yoga yard by the way.

  6. td March 2, 2012 11:57 amReply

    Another Mule Story for the Kula

    A man was lost while driving through the country. As he tried to reach for the map, he accidentally drove off the road into a ditch. Though he wasn’t injured, his car was stuck deep into the mud. So the man walked to a nearby farm to ask for help.

    “Warwick can get you out of that ditch,” said the farmer, pointing to an old mule standing in a field. The man looked at the decrepit old mule and looked at the farmer who just stood there repeating, “Yep, old Warwick can do the job.” the man figured he had nothing to lose. The two men and the mule made their way back to the ditch. The farmer hitched the mule to the car. With a snap of the reins, he shouted,

    “Pull, Fred! Pull, Jack! Pull, Ted! Pull Warwick!”

    And the mule pulled that car right out of the ditch.
    The man was amazed. He thanked the farmer, patted the mule, and asked, “Why did you call all of those names before you called Warwick?”

    The farmer grinned and said, “Old Warwick is just about blind. As long as he believes he’s part of a team, he doesn’t mind pulling.”

    SYJ is a good team.

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