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Just a Thought – Donna Jackson

When You Have No Words

When you have no words remember that you have hands, hands built for bracing yourself as you fall, hands perfectly designed for holding other hands with interlocking fingers and wide open palms, hands that fold beautifully against one another in prayer, hands that will wipe away tears, hands that connect to arms, and arms that connect to bodies and those bodies can reach out and will reach out to embrace and the embrace is not just an offering it is at the very same moment a receiving

When you have no words remember that sometimes our spirits ask for silence in order to rise, in order to remind you to have faith, the kind of faith that will get you out of bed in the morning when the words still don’t come

When you have no words surround yourself with kind people, with spirited people, with the kind of people you can be silent with

When you have no words remember that true love resides in your heart and is not held in your mouth so it’s not the way you speak that matters but what matters is the truth that is spoken in the way your heart beats or the way your heart opens to let another in for keeps

When you have no words remember that silence is the gospel of peace

When you have no words listen to the broken hearted, listen to those in despair, listen to the softly weeping or the wildly inconsolable for their pain needs to be heard

When you have no words, remember that your eyes tell a story that no longer needs to be spoken

When you have no words remember that on the other side of unimaginable horror lies the unimaginable capacity to love again and to love hard with every bit of the magic that makes you, you

When you have no words remember that courage is an unspoken language that unites the strong with the weak

When you have no words remember that while forgiveness may take every last ounce of grace you have, and while you may need to beg someone or some God over and over and over again for even the slightest clue on how to forgive, that you will need it, that you will need it to find the freedom to speak of joy again and that when you speak of joy again you will be heard


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