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Why Make a Vision Board?

How is this?

The proof is in the pudding, my very first Vision Board all came true!  Vision boards work because they are based on the law of attraction, that  which you can see and believe you can attract to you.  I like to think of it  as “Ask, Believe and Receive” concept. Every great structure has a  blueprint, consider your Vision Board the plan for your life.  I was  skeptical the first time I did one and it took some time before all of my  “visions” came true, but each day I saw this beautiful creation (the asking)  and I began to  believe these things were possible, they were in my mind’s  eye each and every day.  Then slowly one of my dreams materialized and then  another and then it was like the snowball effect, they all manifested. By  focusing my mind with positive thoughts about my goals and dreams, I could  then imagine myself doing these things, getting really excited about it, I  was led to fulfilling my  deepest desires by being led by the images  themselves.  The messages we receive every day dictate our lives, if you are  receiving messages that say I am not good enough, I do not deserve, then  that is what you will continue to get.  BUT if you feed your mind positive  messages every day it delivers these messages to your sub conscious mind,  where your intuition lives and you begin to believe that you can have what  you most desire.  If you have a choice on what messages you continue to  receive, wouldn’t you like to choose what those messages are???  That is  where the Vision Board comes in.  I hope you’ll join me in daring to dream  big!

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  1. Lyn March 10, 2013 11:17 pmReply

    Vision boards always felt a little cheesy to me but what I didn’t realize was that, for so many years I was doing them anyway. Pasting images down on paper just because I loved them.

    I had little sticky notes on my computer about experiences I want to have.

    When I was packing up my things to come to India in December. I had a sticky note on my computer that said had MANIFESTATIONS at the top. Underneath it said
    “Roam exotic markets, sit on a beach, eclectic vibe, colorful. Fabrics”

    I pulled out a poster I had to make for a creative class I took years prior, it was essentially a vision board. One of the largest images was of a hand covered in henna tattoo.

    For the first part of this year I have been in Goa, India – right on the beach, roaming the markets and fabric stalls and traveling through south India.

    I am approached daily by women who want to paint my hand in Henna.

    I am only declining because I have an aversion to being a cliche! I already bought the Aladdin pants and have worn a turban…that’s enough.

    I wish I were in your vision board workshop Vicky. It will be amazing.

  2. Julie Thorne Engels March 11, 2013 12:38 pmReply

    Hi Vicky!

    Thank you for your awesome blog. My sister-in-law attends classes at your studio and forwarded it to me.

    As the founder/CEO of Bettyvision.com, a new online vision board community for women to create their dreams boards and share them, I’m clearly a big believer in your words. If one dares to “dream big” through visuals, then the “how to” can fall into place with the tools and resources from a supportive community. I’m grateful you’re continuing to “ask” in order for your desires to have the opportunity to come to fruition. Here’s to being sisters on the journey of living a huge life!

    Julie Thorne Engels

  3. Katy May 8, 2013 7:34 pmReply

    I am super interested in dong a vision board workshop with you? Are there any coming up?

    • Vicky August 30, 2013 2:19 pmReply

      Katy, I just noticed your comment about the workshop. I’m hoping to do another at the studio at the beginning of the year.

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