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Yogathon: Thank you, from DJ


Dearest Kula,
Saturday’s charity fund raiser for St. Jude’s Research Hospital was amazing, largely because of all of you. We raised a little over $18,000 which was the 2nd highest in the nation for this event and St. Jude want to use SYJ as a model, and example, for all yogathons going forward!

I had the very rare opportunity to take back to back classes with a few of SYJ teachers and I was beyond grateful and impressed. They are such amazing, thoughtful, inspiring teachers.  As I practiced, I realized how blessed I am that our community comes together to practice and celebrate life and we do so under the guidance and love of such incredible yogins. Each of the teachers brings a unique voice and an authentic purpose and each puts so much love and inspiration into what they are teaching that is nothing short of a miracle.

As for the kula standing together and practicing for such an amazing cause, that too is nothing short of a miracle. That’s what I find encouraging in the yoga world today, a lack of pretense, the ability to put your hearts out there and the desire to celebrate life, because “life loves life”. Simply put you came out to give back and to do that you had to first find your heart and then reach out from there. I hope you realize in this great full circle of receiving and then giving back that you are grace happening at every moment.

Think about what you did, you gave of yourself and you inspired so many and you did it all for such a beautiful charity – that’s really yoga at its most gracious. I was so moved by all of you in such a profound way and I think it was your humility and your authenticity.  Those qualities in each of you struck me as the most endearing thing ever. This is why SYJ is a great community because you are human, you are brilliant, and you are alive and inspired. To be on the receiving end of such gifts is a blessing.

Thank you so much for doing what you do so beautifully and for being there for me and the joint.



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