Heart to Heart

Forgiveness and Wonder


I am so happy to be back in town after taking a trip out West. There is nothing like a big ole’ mountain to remind you that living in awe and standing in wonder helps you keep the promise to feel alive. There are lots of reasons to stand in awe right now at SYJ. The light is changing, there are 24 days until spring, the river is running again, the sweet birds are singing, and when we are all in the house it somehow feels like we are coming together to pray – or at least that’s what I find myself calling my practice these days.

On the way home from the airport with my family we turned a 6 a.m. traffic jam into Moth story time, and I want to share one of the stories we listened to with you. So get cozy, grab a tissue, and take a trip down forgiveness lane. After all, forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts we possess.

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