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Yoga for the LOVE of It


Hello kula and a big flipping hallelujah to you and to the wonderful season of spring!

Reading the words “solitude is luminous” (John O’Donahue) this morning made me want to scream hallelujah for silence and the recognition that our inner life is a reflection of how we move outwardly in the world. Let’s face it, beauty is drawn to neglected places. So we’ve created a challenge for all of you to learn how to find those neglected places inside our great beings and reflect on all the beauty we have inside. We do this so that we can continue to create wonder in the world outside. The challenge begins in one week.

Starting April 1st join your SYJ community in a love your life kind of spiritual challenge: Yoga for the Love of It. We will be reading Meditation for the Love of It by Sally Kempton and all the teachers will be doing a short centering or meditation from each week’s assigned reading in class. The book is incredibly accessible to read and all you need is a desire to turn inward, a desire to be luminous, and a desire to learn how to be quiet for 15-20 minutes a day. All you’re required to do is get a copy of the book (available at SYJ or on Amazon) and sit down every day for a month and practice the great art of meditation. We will be assigning readings from the book so you will have an opportunity to explore some of Sally’s simple meditations on your own time and in classes. It’s simple and it’s a beautiful way to establish a meditation practice. Who knows just how luminous you will become. My guess is we all get a bit more luminous and we will all continue to light each other up. In fact, that’s the whole idea.

Lot’s of other exciting things happening this spring, so check out the offerings at the studio or on MindBody.

As always, honoring the light that animates you, grateful for the light that animates me, and wishing you a beautiful day.

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