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Get Your Hearts Ready, It’s Time to Meditate!

Hey kula- Get your hearts ready, it’s time for love, gratitude, and reverence. It’s time to open the door to the self and get cozy with what’s sacred about you. Tuesday marks the start of For the Love of It. The challenge is to read Sally Kempton’s Meditation for the Love of Ittogether during the month of April and set aside some time to meditate on your own at home. At the Joint, we’ll be endeavoring to bring some of the meditation practices in the book to our classes so we can experience them together as a community.

Honoring this time you’ve set aside for yourself is a beautiful way to get started. If you’re joining us, pick a place where you’ll regularly meditate, get yourself a cushion and maybe a simple altar to enhance the space so it becomes sacred to you. You can use a shoebox, a bookshelf or a little table – whatever works. Some ideas for your altar are a candle or a lamp, flowers, stones, a special object and/or photos of someone or some place sacred to you.

During week one we will be reading chapters 1-3 and pages 274-278. Read at your own pace for the next seven days and pick some of the guided explorations Sally explains in these chapters. The first week is really meant to help guide you into exploring your inner landscape and experiencing the act of sitting quietly with these explorations.

Getting a journal is a great idea. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and experiences during the next few weeks with your teachers, the yogi on the mat next to you, and the rest of this great big beautiful kula. We’d love it if you’d post snippets from your journey, favorite quotes, and photos on the SYJ For the Love of It Facebook page or on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtags #fortheloveofit and #syj, and stay tuned for special sharing contests. We’ll be posting the weekly readings in the studios and on the Facebook page.

Let’s get the conversation flowing!

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