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Teacher Training 2016 Is Here!


We love teaching smart, masterful yoga and this program is designed to facilitate the growth of teachers inspired to do the same. As a graduate of this program you will be well versed in: yoga philosophy, functional anatomy, intelligent alignment based asana, how to facilitate centerings, leading meditation, the proper and healthy use of hands-on adjustments, and how to sequence great vinyasa classes. Throughout the training we will focus on the importance of authenticity so that you can teach with confidence and skill while staying true to your own voice.

Training is held Saturday & Sundays at our SONO studio from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm with a 1 hour break.

DATES: June 4th & 5th, 11th &12th, 25th & 26th, July 9th & 10th, 23rd & 24th, NO CLASSES IN AUGUST, return September 10th & 11th, and 17th and 18th, October 1st & 2nd, 15th & 16th, and 22nd & 23rd will be the last classes.


ANATOMY – Anatomy, Kinesiology and the methodology behind the alignment we are so well versed in. In other words, we think you should know why you are instructing students to move a certain way so that your teaching is based on what you clearly understand rather than a script.

PHILOSOPHY – Deepening your understanding of yoga philosophy keeps you grounded and helps you connect beautifully to the ancient practice that has inspired you to teach. Quite simply, it keeps you thinking about what it is you’re teaching and how it is you move through the world, both as a teacher and as a student of yoga.

ASANA – You will learn how to teach alignment based asana. Knowing the technical foundation of each pose and understanding the art behind sequencing will separate you from the pack and keep your teaching fresh and interesting.

THE ART OF CENTERING/MEDITATION AND PRANAYAMA – Learning how to effectively guide your students through a thoughtful pertinent centering, in addition to learning how to facilitate students from basic to advanced alike in the art of meditation and pranayama make your teaching dynamic and thought provoking.

THE SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES BEHIND THE ART OF TEACHING – At SYJ we don’t think teaching is a performance, we think it is an art form grounded in your own authentic voice. To put it simply, we want you to get really comfortable teaching in your own voice and we want you to inspire others by being yourself, while at the same time effectively teaching healthy dynamic classes that motivate and empower others.

THE KULA/COMMUNITY – This practice is about connection, connection to yourself and your community. We believe that being a yoga teacher holds responsibility and that how you place yourself within the community matters. We will discuss topics that will help you understand the importance of the student teacher relationship and the creating of a healthy supportive community.

PRACTICUM – The art of putting it all together and effectively teaching a class requires lots of practice and experience. In this training you will learn to teach through the practice of teaching your fellow trainees and community classes.

Taught by teachers Donna Jackson(ERYT),  Liz Lowe(RYT) and Erin Thorkilsen(RYT) .

* Cannot be purchased online.


SONO studio: 203-838-2725.

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