Heart to Heart

Arm Balance Workshop with Raquel

Join Raquel for this hour and a half Arm Balance workshop!

It’s time to play and where better to do that then with friends on your mat! We’re turning things upside down and inside out and challenging you to look to what’s possible even if it looks maybe a wee bit impossible.

We love arm balances and we’re coming together to show you the techniques and the skills necessary to throw down your mat and have a bit of a dance party by yourself. In this workshop we will artfully and skillfully help you open your body and ready yourself so you can try some of these ‘tricks’ on your own. Think fun, think possible, think ready for exploring what you can do when you’re at a party and you’re bored of the conversation.
All you need is an open level practice, and a desire to challenge yourself. We will go over poses like titibasana, eka pada koundinyasana I & II, eka pada galavasana, eight limbed staff pose, and a few others. If all these names seem like gibberish than forget the names and come fly with us anyway, we promise to speak English once you get there. You will laugh, you will sweat and you will definitely surprise yourself, we promise.

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