Heart to Heart

Encore Soundwave Restorative with Michelle Didner

At Saraswati’s we think there is really nothing quite as special and essential to a life well lived as inner peace. In this magical SYJ workshop you will have just the right props to support your body and help quiet you to relaxation and inner receptivity. What makes this even more extra special is that you’ll be bathed in the deep, hypnotic, and resonate tones of a cello to help encourage your wild and crazy brainwaves to relax. When you leave you’ll feel at peace in your heart, balanced in your wonderful unique self, and able to move more freely through the world. SIGN ME UP!

Date: Saturday, Dec 10th
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 pm (90 mins)
Instructor: Michelle Didner, with Jordan Jancz
Cost: $40

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    IronWorks Building
    1 North Water Street
    South Norwalk, CT 06854