Heart to Heart

Earth Day Restorative with Michelle Didner & Katy Ghadiyali

Ground, restore, rejuvenate and send a little love out to your Mama Earth. Michelle and Katy will guide you in a deep restorative practice of yoga, breath, guided meditation and essential oils. Supported by blocks, bolsters and blankets, your senses will be nourished with raindrop oils, a technique derived from Lakota natives. At SYJ we can’t think of a sweeter way to nourish your earthy soul and honor our sacred planet.

Date: Sunday April 22
Time: 1:30 – 3:00
Cost: $40
Instructor: Michelle Didner
Essential oil education provided by: Katy Ghadiyali

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    IronWorks Building
    1 North Water Street
    South Norwalk, CT 06854