Heart to Heart

Sound Mind & Body Practice

Join us for a special 90 minute class to move, deeply unwind, and discover new realms inside yourself. Erin will teach a sweaty vinyasa flow, yin yoga (deep, intense stretching), bodywork and a few sweet restorative postures all while accompanied by the enchanting, ambient music of Benjamin Corson guaranteed to transport you.

Benjamin Corson: Born and raised in Paris, I started playing guitar around 15. Deeply influenced by Blues and Rock, I developed a personal style through the years, combining my love for both electric and acoustic music. Leading my own band “Nungan” for the past 12 years (recording albums and touring) has led me to visit many places such as New York, New Mexico, Chicago, Caribbean, all over Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Italy ,Germany…) and all over France. My latest obsession has been to perform healing ambient music (using effects and looping to add different textures and ‘colors’ to the sound), which let me discover unknown territories and embrace a new spiritual journey.

Thursday, April 18
6:15 – 7:45

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