Christina Nicole Headshot
Pulling from many traditions of yoga and other healing modalities, Christina offers a distinctive approach to healing and challenging your body. She combines vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin, and therapeutic yoga techniques with myofascial release to design classes that effectively and intelligently transform your body and your relationship with it.
Through working with cancer thrivers, individuals touched by depression, addiction and eating disorders, those diagnosed with auto-immune disorders, and myriad of physical limitations and injuries, Christina has developed a unique method of approaching the body-mind-spirit connection. She offers thought-provoking musings that encourage you to think and evolve along with your body, and to laugh at yourself (or her).
Her passion as a teacher is to continually learn and refine her expertise so she can innovate and target specific requests in new and exciting, joyful ways.
Christina received her 500-hr certification from Saraswati’s Yoga Joint, is a Reiki master and has studied and trained in many other styles of yoga along the way. Christina is also a spirituality/life coach and works with many high profile clients in Connecticut and New York City.

IronWorks Building
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