Raquel M.

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To be completely honest, I stumbled upon yoga. An admitted NYC lunch hour gym rat, I took my first class simply because of a seasonal re-working of the fitness class schedule at my gym. I would love to say I fell in love at first asana, but I was skeptical. I walked away and returned several times until a teacher said something that resonated. She said, “If you keep working every day on your strengths, they will eventually break you and become your weaknesses. Why not work on your weaknesses and transform them into your strengths?” I am ten years strong on my mat with a dedicated practice that is truly an integral part of my life.

The perpetual student of yoga, I came to the decision to teach, not necessarily to pass along my knowledge, but to share my passion. I sincerely feel that I learn as much, if not more, from my students as they do from me. Teaching has been the natural evolvement of my practice.

I teach a challenging and juicy vinyasa class with a focus on breath awareness and alignment.

  • 200 hour RYT, SYJ/MB Yoga
  • Currently participating in an advanced training/mentorship program with Donna Jackson

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