Sarah H.


More than a decade ago, Sarah’s yoga journey began overlooking the Andes Mountains. Since her adventures in South America, her practice has evolved in many ways. What has, however, remained consistent is her desire to deepen her knowledge, both of the practice and of herself. Not only on her mat, but also in her everyday life, her yoga practice has given her the tools to move through the world with grace and grit and a whole lot of gratitude. She grounds herself in being forever a student, and forever learning.
Sarah’s classes are soulful and sweaty. Linking breath (pranayama, or life force) with movement, in a challenging yet mindful approach, she will take you through an alignment based vinyasa practice. You can expect to hear bumpin’ beats to help you tune out and turn in.
Yoga is a poetic practice for Sarah, and this is resonant in her centerings, as she often pairs her asana sequencing with a poem or excerpt of literary inspiration. The deeply spiritual practice of “yoking”: to join, to unify, body and soul is an integral part of her teaching and her practice. And as the Bhagavad Gita states, “Yoga is the journey of the self, though the self, to the self” and Sarah’s goal as teacher is to allow her students the space to encounter just that. What is most inspiring for Sarah is that “Yoga is a life’s work, it is a life practice.”

Having lived abroad, travelled to various corners of the globe, coupled with rich personal experiences, she grounds her teaching in the wisdom of a closely examined life. Some of her most profound lessons and reflections come from her work as a literature teacher and athletic coach at Fairfield Ludlowe High School.
Her 200-HR. YTT from Saraswati’s Yoga Joint, a Master’s Degree in Education and the incredible teachers she continues to meet along the way, have had a profound impact on her asana and philosophical approach. However, some of the most important teachers in her work as both a yoga instructor and high school English teacher have been, and continue to be, her students.

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