Teacher Training 2019


SYJ is super excited to announce our 2019 teacher training. Integrity in our training is most important to us so our policy is to take some time off in-between our 200 hour trainings. This time gives us pause to reflect and gives all of our new trainees time to make their way as new teachers. We are proud of the integrity behind this policy for many reasons and are now ready to embark on another. The senior teachers involved in our training put their hearts and souls into every moment we spend together and we are always incredibly proud of the teachers it produces. We begin at the end of January and finish the first week in June.

Many inquiries from yoga teachers have prompted us to offer something different for teachers whom already have a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification. Teacher trainings are expensive, and given you’ve already taken a YA approved one we are therefore offering 3 spots at an enormous discount to those who wish to learn and experience the method of teaching we are so celebrated for at SYJ.

Our roster is the top of the top with senior teachers from SYJ at the helm and we are poised and ready to get the learning happening.

Please inquire with SYJ via email at or by calling 203-838-2725 if you have any interest or questions.

With incredible excitement,

Donna and team SYJ

IronWorks Building
1 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854