• Donna headshot 1

    Donna J.

    Let’s face it: Replacing the crazies in our minds with peace is an awesome thing. You’ll find my classes both physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. I’ll play soulful music and share some thought provoking stories, but I’ll also offer moments of silence. More about Donna J.

  • Liz Lowe Headshot

    Liz L.

    My classes are sweet and sweaty. You will find your inner strength challenged and busy mind quieted in every practice. We will laugh together. We will be our unique selves together. More about Liz L.

  • _E7A3027 (Jennifer Goldberg's conflicted copy 2016-05-02)

    Erin T.

    Erin’s classes are loving, thoughtful, challenging, and inspiring. More about Erin T.

  • Vicky Cook Headshot

    Vicky C.

    My greatest joy is to be a part of helping students bridge the gap between their spiritual life and their everyday life. More about Vicky C.

  • Sarah Barrington Headshot

    Sarah B.

    My friends always laugh because whatever ails anybody, mentally or physically, I always respond, "they should really try yoga" and I really mean it. More about Sarah B.

  • _E7A7630

    Emily T.

    My classes are sweet and cultivate the process of finding and/or strengthening self-awareness and belonging through each breath. I want to share with my students the gift of yoga-as I know it. More about Emily T.

  • lyn-headshot

    Lyn G.

    I am motivated and lifted in life by music, poetry, conversations that kick my ass. More about Lyn G.

  • Alyssa Romano Headshot


    ....we will laugh together, sweat together and walk out of class feeling a little more grateful to be alive. More about Alyssa

  • Christina Nicole Headshot


    ...transform your body and your relationship with it while musing and encouraging you to think and evolve along with your body, and to laugh at yourself (or her). More about Christina

  • Wendy Boller Headshot

    Wendy B.

    Wendy loves highlighting the extraordinary in daily life. Her classes celebrate the functional applications of yoga to move freely and live fully. More about Wendy B.

  • sarah-h-headshot

    Sarah H.

    More than a decade ago, Sarah’s yoga journey began overlooking the Andes Mountains. Since her adventures in South America, her … More about Sarah H.

  • nancy-volante-headshot

    Nancy V.

    Nancy Volante, MFA, is a Teaching Artist and Certified Yoga Teacher. She received her RYT 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification as … More about Nancy V.

  • Michelle Didner Headshot

    Michele D.

    Michelle’s yoga mat has followed her around the world, a reminder that yoga brings us home no matter where we are living or what we are living through... More about Michele D.

  • melissa-kornfeld-heashot


    Yoga not only provides a physical exercise, but a discovery of self that I am grateful to continually learn and … More about Melissa

  • Loren Hager Headshot

    Loren H.

    As a practicing chiropractor and 500-hr certified yoga teacher, Loren guides her students to their optimal alignment of body, mind and spirit. More about Loren H.

  • lizzie-wemyss-headshot


    Ten years ago, I took my first step onto a yoga mat at the encouragement of my parents. My goal, … More about Lizzie

  • Lindsay Durfee Headshot

    Lindsay will find lightheartedness and humor as you work through your asana practice.  I will play music that inspires you to expand your bodies while also expanding your breath and mind.   More about Lindsay

  • lexi-bosee-headshot

    Lexi B.

    I first discovered yoga in middle school due to a very progressive and “cool” history teacher. I then rediscovered yoga … More about Lexi B.

  • heidi-headshot

    Heidi Wright

    My classes combine both strengthening flows and quieter, calm moments. I believe that exercise and mindfulness are crucial to feeling … More about Heidi Wright

  • genevieve-lehman-headshot


    I was stuck in the wrong profession for a long time, progressively dying on the inside, at odds with who … More about Geneviève

  • Danielle Brown Headshot

    Danielle B.

    A gentle, soft approach balances the energy of this feet slapping, fast paced loudmouth... More about Danielle B.

  • Courtney Metzler Headshot


    My vinyasa classes are soulfully sweet and sweaty. I’ll offer challenging postures for when you want to up your ante as well as .... More about Courtney

  • charlotte-pecquex-headshot


    When I look back on my yoga journey, I see how much this practice transformed my entire life. I attribute … More about Charlotte

  • ashly-sommer-headshot

    Breanna Ferguson

    In 2006, my first go with yoga I thought as a dancer I would just “get it”, Nope– didn’t see … More about Breanna Ferguson

  • ashly-sommer-headshot

    Ashly Sommer

    As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutrition coach and mom of two I feel like I am constantly in motion. … More about Ashly Sommer

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