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Grace Happens

Liz Lowe and I spend this past weekend in a Mindful Resilience yoga teacher training as part of Veterans Yoga Project. We spent a lot time listening to veterans talk about their experience with trauma and how their breath, very simply, is the practice that is reminding them to live again. It was a mind blowing, humbling, and inspiring experience. I was reminded that sharing the gift of yoga has really only one important benefit: experiencing deep connection with other people. The training also reminded me that while loving yourself is an inside job, sometimes all it takes is something – or someone – to remind us that we already have what we need. When we courageously take steps inward toward ourselves (sometimes baby ones and sometimes huge leaps) I believe we eventually learn to love ourselves a little more.

On Sunday morning on my way back to New Haven for the final day of training, I listened to this interview on  OnBeing.org and I heard Bobby McFerrin say:

“This is what I want everyone to experience at the end of my concert is that everyone has this sense of rejoicing. I don’t want them to be blown away by what I do, I want them to have this sense of real, real joy from the depths of their being. Because I think when you take them to that place then you open up a place where grace can come in.”

At SYJ, we hope our practice together makes you feel like rejoicing, and we hope your practice will take you to a place where you can open up and grace can come in. To Bobby, it’s singing, and to us, it’s breathing. Whatever it takes for you to be reminded that Grace happens, do it, share it, and make deep connection.

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