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Greens Farms Academy Graduates

Elegant, genuine, luminous, traveler, original, foodie, persistent, optimistic, passionate environmentalist, these are just some of the words used to describe a few of SYJ’s long standing students as they received their diplomas at Greens Farms Academy this past Thursday. Watching these lovelies graduate and hearing these words describe them got me thinking how beautiful it is to be recognized for your gifts and for being yourself, and how fantastic it is to be celebrated for the very things that make you unique. It’s the endless combination of these assets that shape us and make us shine. I’ve seen these sweet yoginis on the mat many times over the years and I know how big their hearts are, so I am crazy inspired to see them bring more beauty and strength into this world we live in. It awes me to know that even though they may face challenges and voices that make them weary, they have the capacity to dig deep, to turn in, and to recognize these gifts that make them utterly and uniquely human. When they do that, they will reignite not just themselves but everyone they touch.

How you engage with the gift of your embodiment is what defines your yoga, not the shape of your body or the foot behind your head. These young women reminded me of this by the look of excitement on their sweet faces knowing they have a chance for greatness, knowing there is room for wonder and magic, and knowing that the opportunity for them to engage in all of it is always there—you just have to do it. You create yourself so you can experience yourself, that’s the whole idea.

We have a ton going on at SYJ and there are endless opportunities for you to explore your own greatness and your own magic on the mat. Take a look at our events this June and stay connected to the light that animates you.

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