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Student of the Month: Emily Ricca!

Emily Ricca

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our student of the month for July: Emily Ricca. There’s a good chance you’ve seen Emily around the studio– She’s here at least FIVE times a week! That is one committed yogi!

Emily lives in Stamford and works in Digital Media sales for a medicalpublishing company focused on reaching physicians. Bendy AND brainy? Her fiancé Will, also an SYJ student, is one lucky guy! Emily’s first time in a yoga class was in a Yoga 101 class with Liz Lowe about 5 years ago. She’s been a regular ever since, and has recruited her fiancé and some friends to join our SYJ family.

Emily’s favorite thing about yoga is that it gives her an hour to keep calm, but still challenge herself.

“Work and life can get chaotic at times, and I have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily,” she says. “Yoga has offered me time to myself to just unwind. It helps to keep me calm and centered throughout the day. I also enjoy the sense of community I feel at SYJ and having the opportunity to practice with my family and friends.”

Emily Ricca

When Emily isn’t hanging out in twisted triangle (her favorite pose) you can find her floating in a pool in the summer, skiing in the winter, and eating at delicious restaurants! Be sure to say Hi to Emily if you see her around the studio, and stay tuned for more fun facts!

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  1. Sarah Barrington July 15, 2014 12:48 pmReply

    I love Emily! I always feel blessed to have her in my class and had no idea she was practicing 5x/week. What an amazing yogi! Sarah B

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