Heart to Heart

SYJ Story Hour with Bernie! 12/13

And so the story continues…

“Stories are the way we change”

You’ve already figured out that the physical practice is the tip of the yoga iceberg, right? Then you’ve probably noticed the enigmatic gods and goddesses at SYJ and felt a tug of curiosity. Maybe you’ve wondered who they are, what they mean, or what significance they hold for 21st century yogis from Connecticut? What if we told you that each deity is a key and you’re the lock? The gods represent wisdom traditions, and offer particular methods for making your way skillfully through a messy world. Join SYJ for a series of yoga stories that will entertain you even as they offer practical yoga wisdom in an accessible way.

– Sunday December 13th: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility aka Hanuman’s Tale 1-2pm

Everyone welcome. There is no asana practice this is a lecture only series so bring your friends and your big open hearts and maybe a cushion to sit on. $25.00 per person

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