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Liz’ 40th Birthday Rooftop Class!

Taught by Vicky, come celebrate with us as we take our signature SYJ Hour class to the rooftop for extra specialness to help celebrate Liz’ 40th birthday!

CHAMPAGNE AND CAKE FOLLOWING CLASS! (Just the way Liz starts her day off 😀 )

Limited space so please RSVP asap!

Our signature flow class: This is a seriously fun 60-minute vinyasa class with a healthy emphasis on alignment (it’s what we are known for). You can expect Sun Salutations (A & B), moving through a creative sequence of poses, hip openers, shoulder openers, thigh stretching, twists, back bends, and forward folds. This class will challenge you in many ways and you will cultivate a serious asana practice but you’ll also smile, sweat your bum off and leave feeling like a way better version of yourself. Breath awareness is emphasized.
Upon the discretion of the teacher we may up the ante and you’ll learn more advanced arm balances, back bends, and sometimes you’ll end up on your head or standing on your hands (against a wall always an option).*


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