Heart to Heart

Refining Gratitude​ – Body and Breath with Michelle Didner & Katy Ghadiyali

Feel yourself, shed a layer or two and welcome yourself home to the purity that gratitude inspires. Being grateful feels right, so does restoring your body, your mind and your spirit. We use medicinal oils refined from plants, flowers and roots together with restorative movement supported by blocks, bolster and cozy blankets. This practice led by Michelle and Katy will refine your internal space so you can soften your edges and and make space for your love-ly heart.

Date: Sun, Feb 4th
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 pm
Cost: $35
Instructor: Michelle Didner
Essential oil education provided by: Katy Ghadiyali

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    IronWorks Building
    1 North Water Street
    South Norwalk, CT 06854