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Spring Cleaning Restorative Workshop with Michelle Didner & Katy Ghadiyali

Spring Cleaning Restorative Workshop

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves yearning for a peek at the first crocus, when we look forward to shaking off the fuzzy socks and coming out of hibernation. That’s right yogis and yoginis, Spring is on the horizon and soon all those reminders that ‘life loves life’ will be calling us to reconnect with sweet ole’ mother earth.
Michelle and Katy have put together a super sweet, therapeutic restorative practice meant to help you soften the edges and cleanse your internal space (think of it as Spring cleaning for your soul).

Medicinal oils refined from plants, flowers and roots together with restorative movement supported by blocks, bolsters and cozy blankets are part of this magical experience meant to both ground you and elevate you. No prior yoga experience needed.

Date: Sunday, March 11th
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Cost: $35
Instructor: Michelle Didner
Essential oil education provided by: Katy Ghadiyali

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