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Alyssa R.

Before I began my yoga practice it was easy for me to focus on conversations, ideas and opinions and let them sculpt what I thought about myself. I think most of us let outside experiences change who we think we are. For me, it was an awakening experience to explore myself without the outside noise distracting me. The deeper I went into my practice the quieter the external voices became and for the first time in my life my true self got a chance to speak up. When this happened, I began to feel the light that was tucked away inside of me and nourished it with these newly discovered feelings of true love for myself. I believe that when we live authentically our confusion deflates and we feel the confidence and presence of grace inside and around us and we can begin to let it lead us day by day.

My intention is to create a safe environment where we can let our true selves unfold, we will laugh together, sweat together and walk out of  class feeling a little more grateful to be alive.

I’ve been practicing for 8 years and continue to feel inspired by the the students practicing in front of and right besides me. My love for nature and all things wellness allow me to move in a direction of prosperity in my own life and to implement more self love in the live’s of my students.

The following are my credentials:

•Bachelor of Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College in 2012

•Production Assistant/TV Producer at NBC Universal 2012-2015

•YTT 200 Hour Certification at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint 2015

•Certified Health Coach Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2015