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Charlotte P.

When I look back on my yoga journey, I see how much this practice transformed my entire life. I attribute every bit of my self-awareness to this union that yoga provides our inner and outer beings. There is this grace that comes when you turn in and hear your own breath and feel your soul tugging at your heart strings. We just need to give ourselves time to listen, to show up on our mats and hear our own wisdom.

I arrived at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint by accident in a fit of anxiety and a desperation to change the way I felt in my life. At one of the toughest moments in my life, a little voice popped into my head that said “take a yoga class, damn it.”

Since that first day on my yoga mat, SYJ has become my home. My Kula. My safe place. My heart. I am perpetually grateful for the way our amazing family of yoga teachers have changed my life and I show up on in my classes ready to share that same love of yoga and teaching.

My classes are deep; physically and spiritually. I strive to give sweaty sequences that close the gap between therapeutic physically and healing emotionally. I believe every great yoga class offers time to breath, to feel, to turn in, to kick it up a notch, and to listen to your own soul.

SYJ RYT200 Certification
Masters Degree in Education
Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing
High School Teacher at Central High School in Bridgeport, CT 2015-Present

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