Danielle B.

Danielle Brown Headshot

Danielle strives for a Thumbs Up kind of life. That which includes smearing kindness, chaffing realness and celebrating passion with an upturn of thumb. Yoga is her vessel to make the connections of life lived in recognition of an underbelly current. Much like the back and forth spent in pools of her youth, she acknowledges the rhythm set by the moon, breath and pulse of an open heart. Her classes give space for reflection and pools the collective with cues of alignment as an invitation to one’s own flow.

A gentle, soft approach balances the energy of this feet slapping, fast paced loudmouth. Danielle was a competitive swimmer. She liked the order of the lane lines and the time spent head down in the strive of a goal. Once she exhausted her drive of a chlorine tinged life, she dove head first into the study of yoga with Bernadette Birney at the helm. And she feels today like it’s a voyage that she’ll never disembark. In that thought she is above all encouraging to her students. Thumbs tend to extend upwards on a frequent occasion.

Danielle completed 200 hours of Teacher Training along with advanced studies with Bernadette Birney. She’s an Academy of Surf Instructor SUP Instructor and a certified SurfSET Fitness trainer. She teaches yoga on a paddle board every summer in Long Island Sound and at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda.


On land and on sea, her motto remains: Rise with the Tide.

IronWorks Building
1 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854