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Emily T.

To me, yoga is the art of healing and transformation; a portal for self-discovery and belonging. Just showing up on your mat is enough. If you were to tell me 10 years ago that I would be not only taking yoga classes, but leading them, I would laugh. I have always been the “gym type” or the athlete of the group. I played division 1 lacrosse at Sacred Heart University and was the girl that LOVED the running practices. When I graduated and went to Grad School for an MBA in teaching, I turned to running as my main source of exercise and release. I knew that I could put my headphones on and get “lost”. In retrospect, it was a lot like a yoga class; connecting to the mind, body and soul. I found yoga when I felt that I was ready for a change in my routine after an injured knee from running.

Since then, I have witnessed mental and inspirational shifts that have instilled wholeness and unity, on and off my mat. I am passionate about the belief that yoga is simply a dance that brings inner and outer connection. My classes are sweet and cultivate the process of finding and/or strengthening self-awareness and belonging through each breath. I want to share with my students the gift of yoga-as I know it.

–          -SYJ- MBYoga 200 hr RYT

–           Currently Mentoring with Donna Jackson/ Founder SYJ

–        –  Forever student

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