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Class Descriptions

SYJ Open

Our signature flow class: This is a seriously fun vinyasa class with a healthy emphasis on alignment (it’s what we are known for). You can expect Sun Salutations (A & B), moving through a creative sequence of poses, hip openers, shoulder openers, thigh stretching, twists, back bends, and forward folds. This class will challenge you in many ways and you will cultivate a serious asana practice but you’ll also smile, sweat your bum off and leave feeling like a way better version of yourself. Breath awareness is emphasized.

Upon the discretion of the teacher we may up the ante and you’ll learn more advanced arm balances, back bends, and sometimes you’ll end up on your head or standing on your hands (against a wall always an option).

SYJ Hour

Same as SYJ Open, but we do it in one hour.

SYJ Foundation

This is a basic class focusing on the fundamentals of our signature style of yoga. If you are a beginner or just interested in a slower paced foundational practice this is for you. Emphasis on clear healthy alignment in yoga poses as well as learning breath awareness and simple meditation techniques. There are no prerequisites (you don’t need to touch your toes). We encourage you to get stronger and more flexible as well as learn to move through your life a little more peacefully and sweetly.

SYJ Hippy

This OPEN level challenging vinyasa (flow) class will focus on your hips/legs. You can expect some sun salutations and standing poses, but not a lot of backbending or inversions. The sequence will creatively move you into deeper and deeper hip opening postures and you will spend time on the floor doing some forward bending. If you’re hips and legs are tight from running, spinning, tennis and/or other athletic endeavors or sitting for too long at your computer this class will get your hips swinging again. Sweaty, opening, deep and fun – how awesome is that?

SYJ Follow the Yogi (level 2/3)

In this class you are along for the ride as the yoga teacher practices on their own mat alongside the student, which makes this class unique at SYJ. You will not be given the same instruction or alignment cues as all our other classes which makes a seasoned practice a must . It’s an incredibly fun way to plug-in to your own practice and spend time with fellow yogins who are interested in stepping up their asana practice and learning some more difficult asana. We will do some advanced poses for sure and you can expect to end up standing on your head and/or your hands (against the wall is okay). It’s empowering, it’s fun and it’s a journey worth experiencing.

The Deep Chill

Come experience a long, slow, and deep flow as this class will ask you to totally engage with your body. If you’re interested in learning a lot about your asana while you laugh with one of Fairfield counties most celebrated yoga teachers, then this class is for you. Some testimonials to help you make the leap. “I felt muscles in my bum that I hadn’t felt in 5 years after taking Bernie’s class” and “Bernie’s class is totally engaging and I always learn something completely new. I love it.”