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At SYJ we love a homegrown workshop where we put together unique and informative learning opportunities meant to help you dive deep into the yoga that interests you. We have workshops for everyone, whether you’re new to yoga or looking to advance your practice.

Our teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, and when we come together in a workshop format you get a full-on immersion into technique and approach. Part of SYJ’s mission is to keep the yoga fresh, and as teachers, we love learning and sharing what we think is the most interesting yoga out there.

To enroll in a workshop or training, email or call (203) 838-2725.


Healthy Habits & Self Care Rituals; A yoga & ayurveda workshop w/ Ranjini Narayanamurti & Rita Murti

Friday, March 1st.   7-8:30PM

Workshop Cost: $55(includes Ayurvedic oils)

Learn how to integrate self care practices and simple rituals rooted in yoga and ayurveda into your daily life. We will begin with a mindful slow flow with Ranjini. This will be followed by a discussion with Rita on daily health rituals, the practice of an ayurvedic self massage using organic herbal infused oils to promote lymphatic circulation, calm the nervous system, and get your glow back.

Two ways to sign up: click the SCHEDULE tab in the nav bar, or go to the SYJ app. Sign up in-studio or by emailing

Meditation With Vicky Cook

Tuesday, March 5 | 7:30 – 8:15 pm

Cost: $15 for non-members. Included in all SYJ memberships.

Come join us to connect to your inner light and sip from the fountain of your true BEING.

  • Included with all SYJ memberships.
  • SYJ Members: sign up within the class booking app
  • Non-Members: call 203.838.2725 or email

New Mom Restorative w/ Milk Street Lactation Support Center

Saturday, March 9 | 1-2:30PM

Cost: $45

Restorative yoga class specifically designed for new moms & postpartum women to help you reconnect to your body, and give you the relaxation tools to help ease the physical and emotional demands of motherhood. With great info from Beth Iovinelli, owner of Milk Street and Lactation expert, Dianne Cunningham- licensed massage therapist, class taught by Michelle Didner. The afternoon will wrap up with tea and cookies supplied by The Stylish Spoon and go home with a goody bag!

Two ways to sign up: click the SCHEDULE tab in the nav bar, or go to the SYJ app. Sign up in-studio or by emailing


Reiki 1 Training With Reiki Masters Vicky Cook & BK Kelly

Saturday March 2| 1-6:30PM

cost | $300

Reiki is a gentle and powerful system of energy-based healing. Join this training and be attuned to the first level of Reiki which includes self healing, learning the Gokai or the reiki principles, go home with a manual and the ability to start your self-healing journey. Once training is complete you will have access to our larger Reiki community as a whole for on-going support.

Reiki Sessions With Reiki Master Vicky Cook

Fridays | 1:00, 2:15, 3:30 pm

Reiki is a gentle and powerful system of energy-based healing and spiritual growth practices created by Mikao Usui in the early 1920’s. Reiki is a Japanese term for the concept of “universal life force energy.” Practitioners of Reiki utilize meditation and non-invasive light touch to restore harmony and balance to oneself and others. Sessions are one hour long and take place at the SYJ studio in South Norwalk.

  • Call 203.838.2725 or email for pricing and to book.