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Sarah H.

Sarah’s classes weave poetry and wisdom and moments of quiet to clear space to hold the whole wide range of the human experience. The practice of paying attention to the body, to the breath, to the senses, to the conversations and stories within us. This is yoga.

As a literature teacher, a writer, and yoga instructor, Sarah grounds her teaching in the wisdom of a closely examined life.

She aims to create a space welcoming to all. Her classes are soulful and sweaty, but there are also moments of quiet to help you tune into your own inner wisdom.

Molded by books and sports as a child, words and movement have been the backdrop for her life.

As the late John O’Donohue asks, “Who are we to be with one another? And, how are we to be with one another?” Yoga is a door way into this conversation.


Master’s Degree in Education

200 hr. YRT – Saraswati’s Yoga Joint

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