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Lyn G.

Trust your practices.

This has become my mantra over the past few years, and one that I hope to instill in my students.

13 years ago, I discovered Saraswati’s yoga joint.  It was here I felt an inspired friction; that moment where you know you’re supposed where you are, but you don’t know why. It was a yoga that I could understand; creative, inspired, intelligent, thoughtful, and dimensional.

I am motivated and lifted in life by music, poetry, conversations that kick my ass, generosity, storytelling, creative courage, gritty, jaw-dropping truth and by the people I keep close. My friends and my family reflect back to me my possibilities. I hope, as I teacher, I reflect yours.

I trust my yoga practice to show me what I need to learn and what I already have.


200 hr RYT with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint 2007

500 hr RYT with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint 2011