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Lauren Davis

For me, yoga is a lifestyle, not simply a workout. The physical benefits are abundant, but the transformation comes from incorporating the teachings into life off the mat. The first time I reached my arms into the air for a sun salutation, something in me clicked. The feeling of linking movements to breath, and following a sequence steeped in such deep tradition, was like coming home. I love yoga because it truly is a practice. After 15+ years, I am still learning something new every time I step onto my mat.

My classes are strong yet sweet, with an emphasis on core engagement and super healthy alignment. You can expect traditional asanas combined with new ways of moving the body. I offer opportunities to kick it up, as well as moments of surrender. Focusing on the magic that happens when the body and breath move together, you’ll experience both the power and peace of the practice.

SYJ 200 hr RYT

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