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Jennifer S.


I love yoga because it makes me feel good.  I’ve always been interested in health, wellness and fitness in general.  I started yoga as another means of physical activity…knowing that it was supposed to be good for me.  It took me a few years of dabbling in yoga- trying different studios and different teachers, basically just doing it once a week as an addition to my other workouts, before I found  the mind-body connection.  This is not just the asana but also the spiritual and mindful part that eventually came with the practice.

Practicing yoga now is like coming home for me.  It’s finding time  to slow down and be at peace within myself.  For a while I just wanted to receive yoga.  Now I want to share it with others.  I want to bring yoga to others to help them feel good in their bodies and feel at peace within themselves.

Yoga  is not  a competitive sport.  So many people I know make everything they do competitive.  Yoga is not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself.  Try it and do what feels good in your body.  

My favorite yoga pose is Happy Baby. It’s a great hip opener ( I tend to feel tight in my hips often ) and it massages the low-back.  

It feels so good I can’t help but smile when I am in Happy Baby!


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