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Heart to Heart

Meet Your Teacher: Vicky Cook

Vicky Cook is a mom, a writer, a meditation practitioner, and a long-time teacher at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint. Her classes will challenge you physically, inspire you spiritually, and always leave you feeling calm, cared for, and with something to think about. Her commitment to her practice and the craft of teaching is truly an inspiration.

Read on to learn more about Vicky, her practices, and what inspires her on and off the mat.


Name: Vicky Cook
Years teaching yoga: 14
Other trainings or services you offer: Yoga, meditation, reiki, writing workshops, solstice and equinox celebrations


If you could describe your teaching style in three words, which would you choose?

Playful, soulful, and creative


What do hope students will take away from your classes?

A greater sense of themselves


When you think back on your personal yoga journey, what is one standout way it has changed your life?

My yoga practice has taught me how to take care of myself and to love and accept my body.


What’s a quote, poem, or personal mantra that’s resonating with you right now?

“Be gentle with yourself and fierce with your love.”


When you’re not teaching at SYJ, what can we find you doing?

Listening to music, curating playlists, reading, and walking


Is there a song you’ve had on repeat lately?

Just one?!

Electric Feel – Henry Green
Opening – Essie Jane
i – Kendrick Lamar


What does the SYJ community mean to you?

The day after the election, I taught a class and looked into the eyes of my students (and to the camera) and realized (and said), every person in this room, in our community, is a reflection of the good that is in this world. It was one of those palpable moments where the truth was obvious and everyone knew it to be true.


If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

On a beach, listening to the waves, feeling the warm sun caressing my skin…


What’s one beautiful thing that happened to you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I have slowed down. Before the pandemic, my life was moving fast. I was working a lot and volunteering 15 hours a week for my son’s high school band program.

When it all came to a complete stop, I realized how beautiful it was to have this cushion of time each day, to ease into my day and take time eating breakfast and savoring my coffee. There are times when it seems like all this time can be maddening, but the grace to linger in my days, to not be rushed from one place to the next — one thing to the next — has been a gift.

It’s a gift I hope I continue to treasure and one I hope I can bring into my life when the world opens up again.

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