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Heart to Heart

Standing in Solidarity

Dearest Community,

I tried to send a newsletter yesterday, but everything I felt I needed to inform you about, in terms of the future of SYJ, was drowned out by the mantra in my head, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”, “8 minutes and 46 seconds”. While my thoughts were drowned out, another black man’s life was snuffed out.

As rage engulfs our incredibly sad country, I find myself at a loss, a loss that somehow feels complicit. My words feel woefully inadequate and my heart feels woefully broken.

At SYJ, we speak of yoga as a conversation and sometimes a reckoning. An engagement and sometimes a brutal truth. We talk about connecting to our breath because we have the privilege to actually do so – with no knee on our necks. We celebrate choice because we actually have choices. We proselytize peace because we have access to peace.

The real question is, what are we going to do about all this conversation, deep breathing and peace finding? We need to reach out and stand up to injustice. We also need to educate ourselves so that we may better ensure the future of ALL of our children.

The practice of yoga may start with you, but it must extend outward in widening circles of Grace or it is simply another practice of vanity. Yes, your personal wellness matters, but know that participating in the well-being of our society must be seen as the end game or we have no future.

How can you widen circles of Grace right now?  You can stand up and you can choose to stand in solidarity against, racism, violence and oppression. Grace isn’t always shiny folks, sometimes it’s fierce, sometimes it’s down right feroucious and, yeah, sometimes it’s uncomfortable.

If you haven’t seen this yet, please do:

Finally here is a great link to some resources that will help you drive change.

In addition, stay connected  @SYJ_yoga for our schedule of donation based classes in support of #blacklivesmatter. 


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”  MLK

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